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What is Solution Time?

Our world has a lot of problems—homelessness, education inequality, drug abuse, prison reform, human trafficking, to name a few. Conversely, there are millions of eager and compassionate Americans waiting to provide help that simply don’t know where to start. Wait! There’s good news… imagine what would happen if Americans knew how to solve these social problems.


It’s Solution Time!


Solution Time is a web series, hosted by comedian Zach Atherton and produced by Alicia Gettys, where they dive into social problems with vetted, time-tested solutions. Most importantly, they show how viewers can begin putting a real dent into social problems. Join us as we make today’s problems a thing of the past.


Solution Time: It’s Bad News for Bad News!™


Hosted by Zach Atherton

Zach is the owner of ImprovBroadway and producer of Night at ImprovBroadway. He has an uncanny knack to see life through a comedic lens. He’ll ask tough questions, but has the playful teasing charisma of your favorite older brother.


Co-Produced by Alicia Gettys

Alicia has observed that “Charities sometimes faileth.” Working as the Communications Director for the one of the leading Social Innovation Centers in the world, she can spot which charities are doing good, better or best. She is committed to giving a voice to the leading solutions.

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