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Updated: Nov 14, 2018


Saturday, November 10 at 5:00 P.M. MT

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Provo, UT (November 8, 2018)—Local Provo comedian Zach Atherton is launching a new web series "Solution Time" that will expose the best solutions to the worst social problems. The series first episode premieres on Saturday, Nov. 10th at 5 p.m. MT and can be viewed at

Episode one, releasing on Veteran’s Day weekend, reveals the best practices to ending Veteran Homelessness. Atherton comedically dives into the challenges faced by homeless vets across the nation; however, he will not leave viewers feeling hopeless about this overwhelming challenge.

Solutions are showcased as off-site correspondent, former NFL star Chad Lewis interviews former homeless veteran Philip Goard. Goard has overcome the grasp of alcoholism, PTSD, mental illness, homelessness, and prison—a seemingly impossible feat. However, today he is a full-time student studying construction engineering, living in his own apartment, and working for a local TV channel in Salt Lake City.

Philip is not alone in his journey to get off the streets. Homeless Veteran expert Mark Johnston will explain how 64 cities and 3 states have eradicated veteran homelessness—notable cities, like New Orleans, were able to do this in little as 6 months. The episode ends with giving viewers actionable items they can do to help get more men and women out of poverty.

A local Provo resident, Berd Helzer attended the pilot and thought it was, “Funformative.” Hannah Wooley said, “I'm not much of a laugh-out-loud kind of TV watcher, but watching this show had me laughing the whole time. Even more impressively was that I was learning a ton along the way. I left with a smile on my face, but also a desire to talk about what I had learned, and do what I could to help.”


With a law background and Master in Public Administration, millennial Zach Atherton seeks to find solutions to society's most pressing social problems. Zach is the owner of ImprovBroadway and producer of Night at ImprovBroadway. He has an uncanny knack to see life through a comedic lens. He’ll ask tough questions, but has the playful teasing charisma of your favorite older brother.


Mark started working on homelessness during the Reagan Administration. He spent most of his time at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). There, he helped create and implement the approaches for housing homeless persons that all communities are now using. For the past four years he has been chairing the committee that advises the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on ending veteran homelessness.


Former pro bowl tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, Chad Lewis and author of Surround Yourself with Greatness, says, “We live in a world of relationships that are dynamic. We need each other. We need to choose, with conscious awareness, to open our eyes, heart, and mind to the great people who elevate life that are all around us.” As the off-site correspondent for episode one, he compassionately highlights Philips great accomplishment.


Our world has a lot of problems—homelessness, education inequality, drug abuse, prison reform, human trafficking, to name a few. Conversely, there are millions of eager and compassionate Americans waiting to provide help that simply don’t know where to start. Wait! There’s good news… imagine what would happen if Americans knew how to solve these social problems. It’s Solution Time!

Solution Time is a web series, hosted by comedian Zach Atherton and produced by Alicia Gettys, where they dive into social problems with vetted, time-tested solutions. Most importantly, they show how viewers can begin putting a real dent into social problems. Join us as we make today’s problems a thing of the past.



Alicia Gettys,

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